Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Displays - Gone Fishing, Traveling & Swimming!

With Spring in the air, we've got traveling, road trips and outdoors activities on the brain, and that's reflected in our new displays at the shop....

U.S. Army field jackets, duffel bags and shirts, vintage safari hat, light-up vintage globe, globe bookends & 1930's world atlas for a well-traveled military look

Fishing tackle, bandana and south-west prints paired with canvas hunting & field jackets, rugged boots & shoes fill this fishing & camping inspired display...

Vintage Americana and outdoors wear and imagery has dominated fashion in recent years.

1960's made in India tie-dye tunics, 1950's bird print bathing suits and box purses litter the shelves on the ladies half of the store.

Vintage beach mats, drinking glass carousels, Leopard print swimsuits, wicker handbags and a YSL Rive Gauche silk top transport us to the French Riviera, and get us in the mood for the season to come...

...and all the exotic places we want to explore!

Reptile skin, tooled & woven leather goods and 1940's Mexican souvenir jackets

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