Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vintage Film Star Glamour for YOU!

Check out this great vintage 'Woodbury Make-up' booklet, dispelling the myth that those Hollywood stars of old were any different from you and I.... apparently it was just a matter of picking the right shade of Woodbury Powder for your skin type, who knew!

Hollywood says
"You're lovelier than you know!"

Hollywood knows that there is many a hidden beauty in the world. for Hollywood often finds, in a girl who is scarcely considered pretty, the "makings" of a star to set women admiring and men dreaming.
You may have such hidden loveliness. Your Woodbury Powder shade may give your skin the lovelier look that makes all the difference!

You see, Hollywood film directors helped Woodbury select powder shades that would give each skin type its special beauty. Then Woodbury discovered the the Color Control process. This makes Woodbury tints even - to give your skin that clearer, fresher look. It also makes Woodbury texture just right to give that smooth-as-velvet finish.

So now turn the pages of this booklet. Find your right make-up shades - and find new glamour!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vintage Tee-Time!

We've been collecting some cool vintage t-shirts over the winter, and it's that time of year to make space in the shop for last! Here's a sneak peek at a few we will be bringing in this week...

1970s orange 'Bruce Lee' iron-on tee

1970s black 'Muhammad Ali' iron-on tee

1970s/80s lilac/white 'Atlantic City' baseball tee

And here are a couple of gems we've found in the past...

1970s/80s white 'Rolling Stones' tee

Circa 1976 gray 'Bruce Springsteen' 'Born To Run' promo shirt

Stay tuned for more later this week...or better still, swing by the shop;)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Some spiffy sports jackets & suits for the spring!

With Spring on the horizon, we thought you Gents could
do with some colorful inspiration to bring out your inner dandy....

1960s 'Bambergers' red, white & blue striped linen sports jacket

1970s/80s blue & white seersucker suit

1950s/60s multi-color madras sports jacket