Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bohemian Chic part I

Summer is definitely here, and so too is a trend that shows no signs of going away anytime soon, boho chic. Think Woodstock meets Stevie Nicks, only a little cleaner and updated for the 21st Century ala Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie et al. It's a style that can be comfortable and easy to wear, although finding the really great vintage pieces can be surprisingly hard. To get the look mix vintage sandals, western/granny boots, tooled leather belts & bags, and long necklaces with modern & vintage-inspired pieces, or go all-out hippie from head to toe, with authentic vintage kaftans, wrap skirts, peasant style blouses and flouncy, lacy dresses like 'Gunne Sax'. Here are some great leather boots and sandals that we picked up this week this week that fit the bill perfectly, check 'em out...

1970s/80s braided leather sandals

1980s red leather fringe cowboy boots

1980s white leather beaded mocasin boots

1970s/80s south western ankle boots

Sienna Miller rocking the boho look

1970s made in Italy 'Gladiator' sandals

1970s made in Italy leather flower sandals

1970s/80s tan Cowboy boots

1980s brogued lace-up 'Granny' boots

1980s never worn white leather western boots

Stay tuned for 'Bohemian Chic part II' later in the week when we'll be featuring some great lacey blouses & tops from the same vintage collection!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Novelty prints, 50's style tutu dresses, leopard print, punk rock studs...what's not to love about the whimsical rock 'n' roll edged fashions of the ever spunky and over-the-top Betsey Johnson?!

Betsey's career started back in the 1960s as an intern at 'Mademoiselle' magazine. After winning a guest editor contest for the same publication she moved to Manhattan boutique Paraphernalia where she was their in-house designer, and became a prominent figure in Andy Warhol's New York scene along with Lou Reed & the Velvet Underground, and Warhol 'superstar' Edie Sedgwick who also became Betsey's fit model.

Betsey in the late 1960s Paraphernalia days

Edie Sedgwick in Betsey Johnson

Betsey opened her first boutique 'Betsey Bunki Nini' on the Upper East side, and took over 'Alley Cat', a fashion label popular with musicians in the 1970s. In 1978 she started her own 'Betsey Johnson' fashion line. Internationally known for her colorful personality and clothes, she now has over 40 stores worldwide! We recently picked up a collection of her stuff from the 80s & 90s, here's a peek at some of it...

1980s Betsey Johnson label

Over-sized Leopard Tote

Studded hot-pants & top set

Striped double breasted jacket & shorts set

Leopard print jacket & skirt set

Novelty print rayon western shirt

Black floral mini dress

Tattoo flash print mini dress

Printed spandex leggings

Monday, June 7, 2010

Florence Welch shopping at Another Man's Treasure in Lucky Magazine!

Pick up the July 'Luxe for less issue' of Lucky magazine and see Florence Welch, UK singer of Florence & The Machines shopping for vintage bargains at Another Man's Treasure!

Florence tried on a number of cute vintage dresses before buying a 1960s tapestry handbag.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

1961 World's Fair Souvenir Hat Box & 'Adam' Hat

Check out this super cool souvenir hat box and 'Adam' hat from the 1961 World's Fair, we just picked up.

In 1961 practically every man still wore a hat of some description every day, and the fedora was standard attire for every respectable gentleman. However, by the end of the 1960s this had changed, and a new generation threw the dress codes of previous generations out of the fashion window. Companies like 'Adam', and other major US hat manufacturers like 'Dobbs', 'Knox' & the ever popular 'Stetson' who had enjoyed success for decades saw sales fall drastically over a few short years, with some of the smaller companies falling by the wayside in the sales slump, others were gobbled up by the Stetson company who looked to steady and strengthen their brand in the shrinking marketplace.

In recent years the fedora and other vintage hats have experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks in part to TV shows like Mad Men, celebrities rocking the vintage look, and an increased interest in all things vintage & retro.