Monday, July 27, 2009

Afternoon Matinee

1950's Black & white cocktail dress, vintage rhinestone bow necklace, 1950's rhinestone earrings & bracelet, black 1950's peep-toe heels, hand-made masquerade mask w/vintage ostrich feather

1930's black & ivory satin gown, 1940's gold foil shoes, 1940's 'Whiting & Davis' mesh handbag, antique opera glasses, vintage black & white feather boa

1950's/60's Hawaiian Dress, 1960's floppy hat, 1970's black & white sunglasses, 1940's wedge shoes, vintage black carved 'Jet' bangle

1950's black & white damask print dress, 1940's wedge shoes, 1970's black & white sunglasses & 1960's patent leather hatbox

1990's black silk bias cut gown, 1940's ivory fringe bolero, 1940's gold foil shoes, 1940's black & white parasol, 1920's glass snake necklace

Abandoned Art Deco picture house, 'The Movies' once known as the Sauconia Theatre is located in Hellertown, PA.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing

Check out these vintage LIFE magazines we had lying around!
July 4th, July 25th & August 8 1969

And here are some interesting pages inside the July 25th issue

Look at these crowds! (Dig the fashions;))

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Men's Vintage Summer Essentials!

While some classics may go in and out of the moments 'fashion', they will never go out of style. Inspired by these 1930's resort wear illustrations we have put together some choice finds from Another Man's Treasure, perfect for those balmy summer evenings and weekend getaways!

Jazz age straw Boaters, 1930's made in France canvas overnight bag, straw Fedora and Porkpie hats

1950's coral s/s linen shirt, assorted silk & rayon ties & bowties, 1960's 'FARRAH' striped pants, 1950's linen jacket

1960's yellow/white gingham s/s shirt, 1950's rayon Hawaiian shirt

1970's 'GUCCI' signature color polo shirt, 1970's 'BALLY' loafers