Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Nifty Fifties....Men's Sportswear Items

The 1950's was a golden age for America in man ways, none less so than in the world of menswear. Post-war America had loosened up its style, moving away from the more formal aproach to fashion of previous decades, and it was now acceptable to wear work and sportswear items like jeans as everyday attire. Along with blue jeans, lightweight wool and rayon gabardine jackets and shirts are one of the enduring symbols of the decade. They are also highly prized items in the vintage world, sought after by rockabilly and swing enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a piece of casual 50's cool. Here's a nice collection we recently aquired, perfect for spring..

1950's 'Campus' blue & gray striped gabardine jacket

1950's 'Sports Chief' navy & white flecked linen jacket

Circa 1956 Sears catalog spreads for men & boys

Popularized by Ricky Ricardo to the extent that we now refer to them as 'Ricky' jackets

1950's gray 2-tone flecked wool jacket

1950's Indian/arrow novelty print quilted boy's jacket

1950's reversible striped boy's jacket

1950's 'Calbert' orange/white houndstooth gabardine jacket

1950's 'Shapely' red/white flecked wool shirt

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We HEART Vintage Jewelry!

We just acquired an AMAZING collection of 1940's, 50's & 60's costume jewelry.... The timing couldn't be better as there are tons of cute HEARTS, PADLOCKS, KEYS & LOCKETS in the collection perfect for VALENTINES DAY!! Whether single or in a relationship these jewels are sure to make you smile!

We LOVE vintage jewelry, and we're already head over heels for this stuff, and pretty sure you will be too! Here's a preview of some of our favorites to get you in the mood...