Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amazing Swimsuit Collection - AMT high-end online showroom/shop OPEN!

We haven't been blogging much over the past few weeks, but we've been working hard trying to get our online showroom/high-end store up and running...and we're excited to announce that we are finally ready to launch it! The first items we have uploaded to the site are an unbelievable collection of mid-century bombshell bathing suits. We wanted to get them up before the Summer was out, and we've just about made it! To get you in the mood....

Marilyn Monroe in a sexy all-white 50's swimsuit

Jayne Mansfield posing in polka-dots

Bettie Page in her iconic Leopard print swimsuit

Shop the AMT SHOWROOM vintage swimsuit collection now!
We will be adding hundreds of interesting & iconic vintage treasures to our online boutique from our showroom collection over the next weeks and months, so check back often!

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