Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We've talked before about the vintage boho/hippie trend that never seems to go away .... and the truth is it just works... that's why it's as popular as ever! It's cute, comfy and versatile, easy to mix and match with new and/or other vintage pieces, and is perfect for Spring, Summer & Fall - so what's not to like! We are loading the shop with some great bohemian styles from the 1960's & 70's this week.....Here's a peek at some of what we are bringing in!

Nicole Richie - Queen of boho-chic

1970's purple/brown printed cotton gauze boho dress, 1970's brown embroidered Mexican dress
1960's purple/white/pink batik cotton dress, 1970's purple/pink 'India' cotton maxi dress

Starlets of Hollywood rocking boho skirts & blouses all year round!

1970's cotton gauze printed wrap skirt, 1970's black/white batik print wrap skirt
1970's cotton gauze printed wrap skirts
1970's block print cotton wrap skirt, 1970's cotton gauze printed skirt w/draw string
1970's cotton gauze printed wrap skirts

Also, lots of great stuff from last weeks Manhattan Vintage Show back in the shop, along with plenty of never before seen items! We'll be adding more stuff daily over the week....


  1. hey,

    I like all the styles of skirts very much.The printed stuff of skirts is looking very fine.

    Tank Top

  2. Any idea where to get that dress that Richie is wearing in the top picture? I saw that dress on a girl in NY and she couldn't remember where she got it. I've been searching for it for almost 2 years now! Now I see it in a picture again but no idea where its from/who's the designer! Any idea?