Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The (lost) Art of Scarf Tying by 'VERA'

Vintage accessories are always great for adding a little something to your outfit, and a vintage scarf can be one of the easiest to wear, most versatile and affordable vintage purchases you will make. Vera Neumann can be credited as creating the first signature scarf, and her wildly colorful hand painted designs are collected and cherished to this day, so who better to teach us all about the art of tying one! We came across this beautifully illustrated vintage pamphlet, most likely a promotional giveaway, uncovering the 'lost' art of tying a scarf, it seems a relevant today as the day it was printed!

'The scarf has become a fashion necessity. The art of scarf tying is as simple as tying a knot, and only as limited as your imagination. All it takes is practice.

To start off, we have selected various basic scarf techniques - try these then add your own special interpretations.'

The Brow Band, Collar, Gaucho & Center Knot, using small squared scarves

The Turban Twist, Flip Knot, Cowl & Ruffle, using large square scarves

The Bow Tie, Ascot, Rosette & Twisted Loop, using oblong scarves

The Slip Knot, Soft Bow, Cummerbund & Side Loop, using bias tie scarves

The Hip Wrap, Serape, Scarf Muffler & Bib, using big wrap scarves

The Sarong, Suit Halter & Classic Pareo, for body dressing with large scarves

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  1. What a great booklet. I love the 70s illustrations. Lizzie