Thursday, May 20, 2010

'Big' in the 70s...summer sandals and chunky platforms!

We just loaded up the shop with some great summer shoes, including this awesome collection of 1970s sandals and platforms. Girls often complain that the best shoes are always small sizes, but these are all size 9-10, and there are plenty more in the shop right now too, stop by this week to check them out and get first pick!

1970s tooled leather sandals, 1970s basket weave leather/wood platform sandals

1970s leather/wooden mules, 1970s green leather/suede sandal platforms

1970s black high heeled wooden platforms, 1970s navy leather/hemp wood platforms, 1970s black suede/wood sandal platforms

1970s white leather/wood mules with carved heels, 1970s tan leather/wood mules with carved heels

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