Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Swinging London's finest...vintage Ossie Clark!

1960s 'Ossie Clark' crepe dress with 'Celia Birtwell' floating daisy print

We are very excited about this stunning Ossie Clark find! He's one of our favorite designers, and perhaps the most influential from a great period in British fashion.

Ossie Clark, or 'The King of Kings Road' as he was known, is seen by many as the first designer to successfully fuse rock music and fashion. He shunned the traditional fashion show format, and instead staged extravagant, avant garde fashion 'happenings', perfectly capturing the groovy mood of the mid to late 60s London, complete with stoned models.

Ossie quickly established a reputation as a genius in the field of female fashion. With stunning prints provided by his wife, (the equally talented and not to be overlooked) Celia Birtwell, his promotion of the bias cut with chiffon dresses and use of crepe de chine, gauze and raw silk complemented and contrasted with distinctly Rock 'n' Roll clothing such as hot pants, jackets in snake skin and fitted leather 'Rocker' jackets, perfectly capture the mix between sexuality and femininity.

With friends and admirers reading like a who's who of 60s cool, and Ossie himself gaining almost rock star like celebrity, he peaked in the early 1970s. Within a few years his personal problems, poor grip on finances and heavy drug abuse took their toll, and by the mid 70s he was all but a spent force.

Murdered by his psychotic gay lover in 1996, he has since secured legendary status in fashion history, with countless retrospectives celebrating his genius and long standing influence. Original 'Ossie Clark's' are among the most sought after vintage pieces out there, coveted by celebrities and fashion royalty alike.

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