Monday, July 27, 2009

Afternoon Matinee

1950's Black & white cocktail dress, vintage rhinestone bow necklace, 1950's rhinestone earrings & bracelet, black 1950's peep-toe heels, hand-made masquerade mask w/vintage ostrich feather

1930's black & ivory satin gown, 1940's gold foil shoes, 1940's 'Whiting & Davis' mesh handbag, antique opera glasses, vintage black & white feather boa

1950's/60's Hawaiian Dress, 1960's floppy hat, 1970's black & white sunglasses, 1940's wedge shoes, vintage black carved 'Jet' bangle

1950's black & white damask print dress, 1940's wedge shoes, 1970's black & white sunglasses & 1960's patent leather hatbox

1990's black silk bias cut gown, 1940's ivory fringe bolero, 1940's gold foil shoes, 1940's black & white parasol, 1920's glass snake necklace

Abandoned Art Deco picture house, 'The Movies' once known as the Sauconia Theatre is located in Hellertown, PA.


  1. i love these so much! you two are my favorite

  2. Gorgeous photos! I am in love with that rhinestone bow necklace :]

  3. you should have done this about 15 years ago when it was still running. my grandparents use to work here and it was very nice movie theater.